Score Sports

SCORE’s continued growth truly is a great example of the fact that having a driving passion can indeed, ultimately lead to great success. Back in 1975, Jill Menzel founded SCORE and poured her passion into building a top quality sports apparel manufacturing company. 40 years later with the help of Jill’s sister Rosa Cursage SCORE has continued to grow within the sports industry and has evolved from solely a soccer company to a multisport equipment and apparel provider. SCORE continues to be family owned and operated by the same passionate siblings that founded it 40 years ago. The motto at SCORE was from the beginning and always will be that every athlete has a uniform to wear on game day.
With both design and manufacturing facilities based in the United States, SCORE has 100% control over the manufacturing process:
         - SCORE develops all new fabrics in house
         - SCORE implements the latest in fabric construction technology
         - SCORE Knits all fabrics in house for unrivaled consistency
         - In house R&D tests all SCORE fabrics for performance & versatility
         - All of the uniforms at SCORE are cut & assembled at SCORE by SCORE employees
SCORE currently produces 8 fabrics that incorporate the latest in performance technology and moisture management. We understand an athlete’s need for comfort during play. Not only has SCORE created fabrics with the latest technological performance advancements, but ecological advancements as well. By using state of the art environmentally cautious color treatments and by sublimation dyeing many of our fabrics with organic, water-based inks, SCORE has been able to reduce air pollution and minimize our environmental footprint.
SCORE’s continuous grassroots efforts have allowed us to build strong partnerships with various organizations throughout the country, from national, state to local levels. These organizations provide positive experiences for athletes on all levels through various sports. We are proud to support these wonderful programs and look forward to doing so for years to come. With 300+ employees and growing SCORE continues to expand on the vision of our founder, to continue to advance the sports community and to spread the passion for the game. With our commitment to Style, Quality, Service and Factory Direct Pricing, SCORE stands out from everyone else in the youth sports industry.
We provide a one-stop experience for your organizations and leagues, with a variety of products for everyone involved:
         - Players
         - Coaches
         - Referees
         - Facility Managers
         - Parents
We strive to achieve excellence in everything we do. Our SCORE Experts have been trained to listen, understand and guide you through the ordering process to ensure an easy and stress free experience. At SCORE, we strive to make the ordering process as effortless as possible for all of our customers who bring an endless energy and undying passion to youth sports. We are committed to do everything we can to assure you on-time delivery and a positive SCORE experience.
Our culture is built around a family environment and all the customers and partners we work with are considered to be part of the SCORE family. It is our mission to provide great service from your first interaction and continue to build a relationship thereafter. Our SCORE Experts are available and we look forward to building on to your SCORE Experience.

To all of you, from all of us at Score Sports!