iGO Mini Paint Machine 9560

  • Easy to use "Plug & Spray" Technology

  • Unlike traditional bulk machines, the iGo mini comes ready to paint.
    No measuring, pouring, or mixing is required.

  • Incredibly easy to use and transport

  • With a weight of less than 40 lbs and a compact size, the iGo mini is ideal for schools, parks, and smaller athletic complexes.

  • Environmentally friendly

  • 100% biodegradeable paint developed specifically for use with the iGo machine

  • Package Includes: iGo Machine, 1 Battery, Battery Charger, & 1 liter Flush Thru Cleaning Fluid.

  • Click here to view the Starter Pack!

  • This product is excluded from all promotions. 

  • Click here to view the Starter Pack!
  • Easy operation and  exceptional performance all in one
  • Designed to work exclusively with our environmentally friendly Impact & Impact XP paints
  • Weighs less than 40lbs
  • Battery & charger included.

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iGO Mini Paint Machine 9560

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